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About the free tools for bulk comparisons of domains, keywords, and URLs

As a former employee of SEMrush Eric Van Buskirk, Publisher of Tweet Philadelphia, was responsible for tracking free and paid tools accessing SEMrush data. So, we can safely say he's launched the most sophisticated free tools to harness SEMrush data. The key to the power (magic?) can be summed in one word, one word as dreaded as the Brazilian Wandering Spider, one research method that can be highly complex but need not be. Multivariate. multivariate comparisons Entering one search criteria means results are not multi-variable. The number of relationships available for comparison goes up exponentially with bulk searches. Why do we examine one domain to find content ideas? Why look at metrics for one keyword at a time? Would you sum up an opposing baseball team by looking at players in silos? Why not look at all the players of the team you are to compete with on the field at the same time? Comparing them as a group is far more powerful.

This is not how we’re used to looking at public data. Yes, many stats people specialize at looking at Google Analytics and other private data. RARE is the SEO or content strategist using these techniques to get a sophisticated look at public data. These free tools let you find “what works” for ranking and for content your users will love by backwards engineering Google’s result pages. Van Buskirk shared and received feedback with over 100 people on these techniques. Boiling down the tactics to the most actionable methods took months.

You will find the tools particularly useful if you are already familiar with SEMrush or data driven content strategy. And if you are a current SEMrush user, note that each of the tools generates a report in the same format as reports. Enjoy, and please share with others!
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