The social Web, as well as SEO, were a major part of Publisher Eric Van Buskirk‘s work as early as 1998. Today is no different. Van Buskirk's expertise is the intersection of SEO and Social: two specialties that were once very distinct but now must be integrated when organizations make decisions about their web strategy. Articles are geared toward a global audience, but many focus on Philadelphia social media.

Philly Social Media

There is a great deal of confusion about how social media directly benefits search engine optimization efforts. The fact is, there is very little direct impact from activities on social websites, but there is a lot of indirect benefit. This is a recurring       theme in pieces on here. Direct benefits are on the horizon. For example, "author rank," a future algorithm tweek many expect to see from Google, will boost a webpage's search ranking if the content creator is an expert on the subject and the proper link is set up from his creation to Google Plus to verify he or she is the creator.

Professional's working with social media full time come from a variety of disciplines: PR, advertising, and offline marketing, for example. They typically do not have a good understanding of how to fine-tune websites so they are user, platform (including mobile), and search friendly. To leverage the “signal strength” of social media activities and maximize SEO for websites, the social activities need to be done with advanced research and implementation of keywords, on-site analytics, and off-site inbound links.

Philadelphia Social Media