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This website is Eric Van Buskirk's "share" for smarter social media and SEO. Van Buskirk works for SEMrush as their Senior Account Manager, North America. Does data sound desirable? Integration anyone? Please reach out. He helps organizations leverage the SEMrush industry leading database of 95,000,000+ keywords and 48,000,000+ domains for competitive analysis. He work with the best known Internet companies, Fortune 500s, and other organizations looking to maximize their SEO and SEM budgets.

Van Buskirk is a South Philadelphia resident who emigrated from NYC 3 years ago. Since 1996 he worked on interactive media initiatives with partnership companies or clients. The exception was 6 years, in 2 year stints, when he worked on off-line, direct marketing campaign management. He started ClickStream Marketing, Inc., an interactive agency, and grew it to 15 employees, from 2004-2007.
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Twitter: @ericvanbuskirk
Phone: (215) 350-0931