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Trish: This is Trish – I’ll be talking to Eric Van Buskirk about an article on called “What Does Google Social Search Mean For SEO? We Ask The Experts”.

Eric : Trish is doing some work with me now on Tweet Philadelphia – and without further ado, what was the first question you had?

Trish: Given that they are staking a lot with their opinions, how much of it exactly would you say is just their spin on things?

Eric: It’s interesting, I think that this is some of the biggest players saying what they feel is going to change with respect to social search and SEO. And if things stay as they are now, it’s going to drastically change the landscape for people in SEO as well as those who are working on the other side of the fence (or people who aren’t doing SEO work who are directly involved in social media). In my opinion, this makes the need for SEO and the whole industry go down. The amount of effort that people are going to put into SEO vis-à-vis social media, all of sudden it just drops.

What I find interesting about this is they ask some very important folks that I have a lot of respect for like and Aaron Wall and Rand Fishkin – what I find interesting is that they’re very diplomatic because it’s too early to know. I think Google’s going to get a tremendous amount of backlash as this continues. It obviously already has, but this is not going to die down; if anything I think it’s going to pick up. And so I think they’re being diplomatic because it’s just so uncertain how things are going to shake out – being diplomatic in that way, I don’t think they feel the need to say that this is horrible or anything like that.  I thought someone like Rand Fishkin would, because he’s really more about SEO.  SEOMoz doesn’t do much with social media – I mean certainly they’ve started to integrate that with the services for their paying members offer, but they’re really big guns in SEO and this can do nothing but hurt them.

So he made some criticisms, and referred to the fact that he thought that this was going to be a legal challenge in other countries. Well, that’s most interesting because it’s convenient. Yes, I can really see that this is going to be something where countries in Europe for example are going to have anti-trust lawsuits like they had against Microsoft when Microsoft bundled explorer with its operating system. That’s an easy way for me to pass it off and focus on the things that are really going to cause problems with Google, without him initiating it – it’s going to cause problems anyway.

Further to the video discussion: SEOs will now work directly with social content.  They will want to be sure contributions to Google Plus are optimized, and optimization of this content is not very different than optimization of websites and content on third party platforms for their clients.  For example, if a online community has indexable content, SEOs would pay attention to how contributions might best be treated to appear in search engine results.  However, the social media managers and strategists will ultimately be the ones overseeing organizations’ social Web presence.




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  1. Holeroi43 says

    I actually read this particular thenextweb article; it sounds to me like these guys are playing it safe with their opinions so as not to anger the Giant that is GOOGLE.

  2. Tina Richardson says

    The amped-up Social Search of Google’s, has many pros that accompany the change:
    optional super personalization, Shows conversations/opinions of people you’ve circled regarding your query, Makes organizations focus on QUALITY of promotion to increase interaction, and can now join discussion about query right from search…and more …

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