Twitter Account Management- Upsides To Outsourcing


There are many cases where  Twitter for marketing, sales, and costumer customer services is outsourced to build a stronger social media presence.   If you hire someone on a contract basis to manage your Twitter account, be cautious if he directs interactions for your account.  Engaging with stake-holders is not unlike handling the inbox of the info@ company email: If there are dicey customer complaints, do you want Twitter account management with anything less than thorough knowledge of your brand for those fielding them?  If a hot prospect starts a conversation by email or on Twitter, the lead should be fielded by a top sales person.

Knowing when to interact with those that tweet to your company handle, and letting the client respond when necessary, is a key area where savvy outsourced Twitter management stands out.  Consultants should work with you to establish parameters for when they engage.  Build a strategy which allows time-strapped employees in your firm to respond to tweets without being experts on Twitter.

Recent college graduates are great at content curation– finding valuable content shares that might even go viral in your account.  However, all social media strategy require an expert with years experience in the digital media sector. Using social media with friends, regardless of the size of a personal friend-network, is entirely different than account management with a brand’s stake-holders.

Does a recent college graduate have the business savvy to recognize when stormy clouds hover over your well built Twitter account?  He or she needs careful oversight.

Experienced Twitter account management will save your company time and money by overseeing follow and unfollowing of the right people using software that makes this very time-consuming task feasible.  For example, when you have under 100 followers on Twitter, follow 20 people every day.  A “VIP” list keeps those that should stay on a follower list even if they don’t reciprocate.  However, for others if they don’t reciprocate in following back within four days they will be unfollowed.   It sounds simple, but is a time-suck for those without a lot of experience, and requires a deep understanding of how to evaluate klout on Twitter.

This is the single best way to grow your following: reach out to the right people and brands constantly, and if they don’t return the favor, move on, unless they’re important enough to keep a one-way connection. Do not use Twitter automation for tweets: shares do little unless they are curated by the person you hire to manage your account.  A feed connected to your Twitter account looks impersonal.



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